Cherry blossoms are beautiful

Our temple has two kinds of cherry blossoms tree,Someiyoshino and Yaezakura. Yaezakura is in full bloom now. It’s very pretty and lovely.


today we harvested cabbages.  They seem to crop well.   Aren’t these pretty flowers? They are broccoli flowers. If you don’t pick broccolis,they will turn into flowers like this.

Japanese bush warblers are singing

Houzouin is fairly surrounded by nature, so you can hear the Japanese bush warblers singing in nice harmony. When I hear them singing on a fine day, I am full of joy. This is my first time to update a video. The first and last singing is the bush warbler, but the second one singing…

The second day of traveling with business partners

Today it seems we will make a side trip on our way home back to Yokohama. We first headed to Senbonmatsu Farm. Here the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The farm’s homemade ice cream was not too sweet,but just the right taste for me. We arrived to the flower park. The Japanese wisteria was…

Traveling with a business partners

Today I am on a trip with my business partner.     We arrived to Nikko Toshogu Shrine. This year is the 400 year anniversary of Toshogu Shrine’s establishment. In those days the construction period of Nikko Toshogu Shrine was 17 months with thirty thousand people working in a day. This is third time to…

The three major rights of People

We were just in time before the election venue closed. Who on earth should I vote for? Those of you who will promise the campaign pledge,grasp this bar!! Maybe no one?! I had my daughter vote for me. This will be a good experience.